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 July 13th, 2016.    
                       ​Here are some of Kathy & Becky's Favorite Products: 

It's a 10 Potion 10​ 

*Miracle Repair Shampoo& Conditioner- ​Unlike other products, It's a 10 Miracle Repair actually strengthens and repairs hair with each use. Infused with Golden Bamboo Extract, this product will improve hair condition to it's most vibrant and beautiful nature. 
*Miracle Styling Potion- ​This product does it all! Whether you're looking to detangle, reduce frizz, add shine or softness, hydrate, or to protect your curls from the humidity, Miracle Styling Potion will have you covered. 
*​Miracle Repair Instant Repair Leave-In- Not only does the repair leave-in prevent breakage, it's Ph balanced formula moisturizes as well as strengthens hair to it's most beautiful shine! It even extends the life of color treated hair! What more could you want in a product?! 

IT'S A 10 Potion 10 ​​PRODUCTS, TODAY!


Our receptionist Mackenzie uses this blog to share some of the latest beauty products & trends from your NVS family! Enjoy! 
July 13th, 2016. 

​Here's a few summer beauty hacks to last you through the heat!

1.​Cover gray hairs with mascara instantly​​-Find a mascara that matches your hair color and lightly swipe over any grays if you're not feeling 'em.​

2. Use a wooden pencil & a straightener to curl hair- If you don't have a curling iron, you can use a wooden pencil and a straightener to create tight, wavy curls. Make sure you use wooden pencils though! Melted plastic in your hair probablyyy wouldn't be too cute. ​​

3. Use a toothbrush and hairspray to keep eyebrows in place-
But, not your toothbrush... ​​

4. Use eye shadow in place of highlighter- Instead of spending 20+ on a highlighter compact, try using a soft, light, sparkly eye shadow instead! You'll be amazed at the similarities. 
Below, check out some photos from a mock wedding that our stylists put together back in 2014! 
This photo was from our Fabulous Shoe Night a few years back. Our stylist Kathy had a fun idea to add style to some shoes by texturizing, bleaching, and coloring hair. This resulted in some fabulous shoe accessories!